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"Author and illustrator Vicky Woodgate has blogged for us about how Urban Jungle was developed".

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"Habitats - welcome to the urban jungle, its closer than you think".

Make Art That Sells : Spotlight
An interview with Vicky Woodgate

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Words for Life - Q&A

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Interview about all things urban Wildlife across Chinese online media

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Interview and 360 video tour of my studio

A World Of Birds - published March 18 (UK)

A few reviews below about my latest book A World Of Birds.

One of the top wildlife books for children 2018 as voted by the BBC Wildlife Magazine team.

BBC Wildlife Magazine (Book Of The Month)

“While my three year old enjoyed the colourful illustrations and pointing out species he recognised, the book’s main appeal will be slightly older children, who will no doubt delight in reciting their new found knowledge.”


"This book is going straight into my non-fiction collection. It’s one that I know I will want to keep returning to as I love fact books that entertain as well as inform. Children and adults will get equal enjoyment from this fun and informative title".

Lancashire Post

“With its vintage travelogue feel, vibrant artwork, bite-sized facts and fascinating annotations, A World of Birds is a thrilling flying visit as youngsters meet up with some of the biggest, brightest and best birds on the planet”.

Poppy's Craft Room

“The layout of the book is stunning, particularly the contrast of text, imagery and fainter, pencil-style drawings to explore further facts. All in all, this is an informative and very different read to other books on offer in this gender, and I highly recommend it!”

Just Imagine

“A World of Birds is a beautifully crafted non-fiction text, which introduces the reader to 75 birds across all seven continents. I immediately warmed to the author when I read the acknowledgement ‘For my best friend Asa who knows nothing about birds’. This book was for me. What I liked about this book is that it doesn’t work to a set formula. For each bird, Vicky Woodgate has selected a few interesting key pieces of information, which the reader is likely to remember. I appreciated this ‘less is more’ approach and think younger readers will too.”

Where Reading Rocks

“We have really enjoyed her Urban Jungle book in our house. Its size makes it perfect to share. We have pored over the pages making new discoveries. A World of Birds has the same distinct style, but this book is a neat little size – handy to take out and about, when you may spot some birds.The clever use of font and diagrams shares so much more about the bird. There really is a lot to discover! “

Story Snug

“A World of Birds would make a fabulous addition to a school classroom or library and could be used as part of a topic on birds and wildlife. It’s a beautiful bird spotting resource for children.”

Red Reading Hub

“Beautifully illustrated and packed with fascinating information, this is a book to pore over, to immerse yourself in and enjoy.”

Library Girl Book Boy

“With stylish illustrations and a vintage feel, each page features a different bird with brief annotations and interesting facts. “

Urban Jungle - published Oct 17 (UK)

A few reviews below about my book Urban Jungle.

Chris Packham - TV broadcaster and Naturalist

"A fantastic fact filled and beautifully illustrated guide to the worlds cities wildlife by Vicky Woodgate  - full of fun and surprises"  source Twitter

The Week Junior - (Magazine) - Book of the Week

"Featuring lots of unusual creatures that might be quite new to you, this fascinating book offers a fresh look at wildlife from all over the world."


“Vicky’s artwork is bright and vivid – the maps themselves are rendered in a variety of oranges, blues, greens and purples – and packed with little details, from the city skyline that features at the bottom of each double page map, to the “spot the hidden animal” game in each city. Urban Jungle is a great volume to pick up – as soon as my lot saw it they were all pouring through trying to find their favourite animals.

Mineva reads
"The idea is to inspire sightings and nature watching even in the most over-populated places on Earth. With a comprehensive index, and a huge number of experts who helped with the book listed at the back, this is a phenomenal piece of new non-fiction". NOV 17

Lancashire Post
"With fascinating facts and colourful creatures on every page, this is an exciting journey of animal discovery deep inside the world’s busiest cities". OCT 17

Library Girl and Book Boy
"Absolutely fascinating and fact-checked by local experts, this book is a must-have for any nature enthusiasts!" NOV 17

Red Reading Hub
"Children will love browsing its expansive pages, enjoying the portraits of the animal residents of each city, as well as discovering the fascinating facts about them". NOV 17

Childtastic Books
"This is a great way to find out about the many different animals that exist throughout the world in more urban environments and could also be a fun addition to a city break for young people – and their parents! Colourful, factual and engrossing".


"Kids will absolutely love this book, and hopefully it'll encourage them to look a little more closely at where they live. It's a fascinating book that you'll pore over for hours and hours".

That Boy Can teach

"Urban Jungle definitely isn't just a book about animals; it's a brand new beast combining an Atlas with a natural history book..."