Urban Jungle a 38 city map book exploring the cities and the incredible wildlife found.
Concept - authored - designed and illustrated by myself and published by -

Big Picture Press an imprint of Templar. Buy here

A 112 page book, here are a select few examples...
An introduction about Europe - each section front has a unique colour pallette
There are 6 sections in the book - 6 continents - ( no cities on Antarctica!)
each section as a 2 page intro - with a description and a map

Inside each section there is a collection of  city maps with all its animals -
containing information - facts and stories- Here is
London - Europe section
Cape Town - Africa section
Dubai - Asia section - who would have thought so much wildlife in this desert city
Perth - Oceania section - Quokkas!
A photo of the book - showing Africa with one of its intro pages -
Singapore and all the animals found in this city - Asia section
Otters live right in the heart of the city!
Out in the field!
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